Massive Global Reach - 60M+

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Worldwide Responses

Accurate insights from your study hinge on sample reach. Our millions of opted-in panel members span more than 150 countries, providing solid representation of your target audience, no matter where they might reside. Some of our top geographies by region include the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa. 

Supplier Relationships

With P2Sample, you have access to a robust group of unique, deeply profiled and identifiable panelists. Our 200+ supplier relationships include affiliate networks, publisher networks, Google, Facebook, eBay, ad agencies, blog networks and loyalty sites, and coupons and freebie sites. This reach ensures you are speaking to a diverse and representative cross-section of the global population. 

Consultative Approach

P2Sample’s unique combination of panel knowledge and technical know-how makes us second to none at developing bespoke sampling solutions. From cookie drops to IHUTs, re-contacts to custom recruits, we excel at complicated and unusual. We work with you every step of the way to create a solution that will deliver the results you need.


Audiences around the world are becoming more and more diverse, with products, services and brands narrowing their focus to keep up. To ensure that you have the proper targets for your study, we specialize in providing respondents even in hard-to-reach demographics such as males, Hispanics and other ethnic targets, millennials and teens, and those from smaller countries.