P2Solo: DIY

The Most Powerful & Easy-to-use DIY tool in the Market.

P2Solo allows you to access the full power of P2Sample’s advanced, technology-driven platform, giving you the joy of full automation – from solid feasibility to real-time monitoring. You'll wonder how you ever did it any other way. Our intuitive and flexible interface allows you to easily go from to launch in just a few clicks – as well as manage every step in between.

With access to our expert team and our around-the-clock monitoring system, P2Solo is the perfect, balanced solution for those who like a do-it-yourself approach, without sacrifices.

P2Solo allows users to:

  • Launch projects in just a few clicks while choosing the CPI that works for your budget
  • Target respondents using P2Sample's rich profiles with hundreds of behavioral and demographic variables
  • Enjoy the benefits of properly implemented automation for maximum dependability, from rock-solid feasibility to real-time monitoring
  • Realize better outcomes through access to significantly more engaged and satisfied respondents through our proprietary Right Survey. Right Person. Right Time (sm) technology
  • Reach real people with the only AI-drive fraud mitigation in the sample space
  • Access P2Sample’s expert project managers and round-the-clock monitoring system

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