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Sampling solutions for every project.

From matchless global reach encompassing even hard-to-get sample, to proprietary technologies that combat fraud and boost respondent satisfaction, our panel and sample equals quality data for you.

Did we mention, "NO project minimums!"

Massive Global Reach 

With more than 50 million opted-in panel members across over 150 countries, we specialize in providing respondents even in hard-to-reach demographics from anywhere around the globe. This includes unique sample in more difficult target groups, like males, Hispanics and other ethnic targets, millennials and teens, and those from smaller countries.

Ryan Barry

Chief Revenue Officer, ZappiStore
"P2Sample’s robust panel has been a valuable asset for our business, ranging across products and specifically as the main driver behind our ability to test every Super Bowl Advertisement as it aired with a robust sample frame. We appreciate and value their team’s consultative approach and ability to deliver."

Our 200+ recruitment sources include affiliate networks, publisher networks, Google, Facebook, eBay, ad agencies, blog networks and loyalty sites, and coupons and freebie sites. This reach ensures you are speaking to a diverse and representative cross-section of the global population. Our panelists are opted in, unique, deeply profiled, and identifiable.

P2Sample’s unique combination of panel knowledge and technical know-how makes us second to none at developing bespoke sampling solutions. From cookie drops to IHUTs, re-contacts to custom recruits, we excel at complicated and unusual.


Some of our top geos by region are:


United States






Saudi Arabia


South Africa
+127 Countries

Deep Profiling

Looking for sample in hard-to-find demographic segments?

Are you looking for sample in hard-to-find demographic segments like Hispanic males, those elusive teens, or a multi-national audience? No matter your targeting needs, we have you covered - around the world. Our respondents are deeply profiled to enable precise sample targeting across hundreds of qualifiers, ensuring that you reach the right respondents for every study.

Just a few of the points we use for profiling include:

  • Parents of Children
  • Luxury Car Drivers
  • Ailment Sufferers
  • Cell Phone Subscribers
  • Occupational/Job Functions/Roles/Titles
  • Sports Enthusiasts
  • Beverage Drinkers by Type
  • Restaurant Consumers
  • Video Gamers (by Platforms)
  • Registered Voters
  • Mobile Device Owners
  • IT/HR/Finance Business Decision Makers
  • Grocery Buyers
  • TV Watchers/Movie Goers
  • Smokers/Tobacco Users
  • Car/Truck/Motorcycle Drivers (Make/Model/Year)
  • State/City/Zip
  • DMA/MSA/Region/County
  • Don't see what you're looking for? Ask us about it.

Respondent Experience

Optimizing the respondent experience!

Your goal is quality data on which to base your insights. Our goal is to help you achieve this by optimizing the respondent experience so that you are hearing from real, engaged people. In fact, we believe an excellent respondent experience is so important that we've created proprietary technology that ensures it.

First, our deep targeting data allows us to find a survey that maximizes the respondent’s likelihood of qualifying and completing. We call it Right Survey. Right Person. Right Time.℠ It saves respondents valuable time and minimizes their biggest complaint: being asked the same questions over and over only to find they don’t qualify. We don’t endlessly cycle them through frustrating routers or bombard them with emails as so many others do.

We then employ self-healing algorithms while surveys are in field to spot trouble quickly and quarantine bad experiences. Using dozens of data points, including respondents’ own ratings of survey quality, we reward good survey experiences by allowing sample to flow more freely to these studies. Conversely, bad experiences will see their allocations decline and may even be shut down. Why? Because bad experiences lead to participants dropping out or disengaging, which leads to bad data. Automation enables us to break the vicious cycle.

Our methods have been proven in an independent study by a renowned research agency to yield significantly more engaged respondents than some of the industry’s biggest suppliers. By proactively eliminating bad experiences in field, we save you from your worst fears: avoidable delays and weird data that only become apparent once the project is complete.

Our Engagement Metrics Are Head and Shoulders Above Our Competitors!

A.I. Fraud Detection

Ever heard of Digital Behavioral Biometrics?

Digital behavior biometrics are the billions of data points, demographic and behavioral, that we use to detect and combat fraud. Our sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms analyze anomalies and patterns in the data on a dedicated server infrastructure that operates around the clock. These anomalies could encompass, for example, user “surges” involving specific demographics, IP ranges or completion time frames. Our technology-driven approach coupled with a deep understanding of where and how fraud manifests itself in market research, significantly mitigates fraud for your study.

Fraud Prevention Checks:

  • Proxy checks
  • Country checks
  • Distance checks
  • Browser, browser language, timezone checks
  • Fingerprinting technology
  • IP deduping
  • Address deduping
  • IP range + behavior analysis (for more advanced fraud)
  • reCaptcha
  • Email validation
  • Address verification
  • Mouseflow
  • Survey monitoring
  • Liaison with major suppliers (suspect records, markets, etc)
  • Identity verification

Sub-optimal Behavior and User Education Checks:

  • Proprietary respondent quality score system
  • Attention checks
  • Red herrings
  • Unlikely combination detection
  • Satisficing checks
  • Live open end analysis
  • Inconsistent answer checks
  • Test survey
  • Respondent education via video feeds
  • Prevention of multiple surveys at once
  • Speeding checks
  • Client rejection analysis (both automated and manual)
  • Client feedback to identify areas of improvement

Powerfully Programmatic

You want maximum dependability and agility for your studies.

Our programmatic platform delivers. It is one of the most advanced in the business and goes well beyond that of other suppliers. In addition to saving time and money, we use automation to relentlessly optimize the respondent experience, improve targeting and coverage, and combat fraud, all while enhancing every aspect of operational performance from feasibility through delivery.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from working with us:

  • Rock-solid feasibility estimates
  • Lightning-fast launches, with setup times measured in minutes, not days
  • Advanced targeting and quota management
  • Automated field monitoring that predictively assesses completion rates and immediately signals any issues
  • Reduced error rates

Behind our technology, we also have some of the best people in the business. When it comes to making sure your project finishes on time, we will be there. We know the best solutions come from partnerships and our project managers are available to help with your project every step of the way.

Quality Score

Data quality is every researcher’s ultimate goal, and sample providers play an integral role – whether they know it or not.

At P2Sample, we take quality seriously through our Quality Score Initiative. It starts with eliminating fraudulent behaviors from the ground-up, using advanced, pattern-based artificial intelligence (AI) coupled with traditional measures.

Our quality control practices extend all the way to respondent engagement and satisfaction, which we believe is paramount to quality outputs. Our proprietary quality scoring system:

  • Rates panelists based on behavior. Scores go up with good behavior (thoughtful responses) and down with bad behavior (straight-lining or speeding).
  • Blocks survey participation from consistently low-scoring panelists.
  • Rewards high-scoring panelists for heightened engagement.
  • Evaluates survey design based on respondent feedback, increasing sample flow to higher rated surveys.

In addition, we use state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to boost data quality and mitigate fraud. Contact us to find out how our multi-pronged quality scoring system can improve your outcomes.

Alex Hunt, President

System 1 Research
"This is one of the most exciting and successful projects we’ve worked on in the past year, and It is remarkable that an innovative company like P2Sample is setting such high industry standards. P2Sample is officially on our radar and we look forward to working together on additional projects."

Rest easy when you run your projects with us. Contact us for a quote.