P2 Platform

Looking to benefit from automation without long, costly development cycles? Use P2Sample’s sophisticated, intuitive platform for all your panel and sample management needs. Whatever your methodology or data collection system, our platform and experienced developers are at your disposal to ensure rapid success.


Manage proprietary and third-party panels
including the industry’s largest suppliers, exchanges and marketplaces!


  • Industry’s only programmatic panel and sample management platform that is maximally automated, from end-to-end
  • Deep programmatic integration over 200 sample providers, including the industry’s largest panel companies as well as exchanges and marketplaces already built-in
  • Integrates with any data collection platform or methodology: traditional surveys, neuroscience, new behavioral approaches, online qualitative research, video studies and more
  • Uses same powerful combination of tools that we’ve developed to run our own business - all unified in a single platform


Real, engaged, unique panelists
with PII, rich demographic and behavioral profiles

We collect personally-identifiable information (PII) and build deep profiles on every respondent. These profiles form the basis of our custom-built cross-supplier digital fingerprinting and deduplication system, ensuring you hear from people only once.

We take quality a step further by applying our AI-driven fraud detection and proven superior platform-level approach to the respondent experience to every panelist, regardless of source. That means you will be getting data you can trust. When you use our platform, we will guarantee quality and deal with any potential issues, meaning you no longer have to pursue this with each and every supplier.

Smart Pricing and No Additional Platform Fees
mean you will not overpay for sample.

We charge no platform usage or licensing fees. You pay only the cost per interview (CPI) and our sample pricing is very competitive. Moreover, Smart Pricing technology (for select clients only) allows specification of a maximum desired CPI but charges less if hard costs are lower than expected, ensuring you never overpay for sample. Take us for a test drive and see for yourself.


Automation and programmatic sampling are the most effective and efficient ways of identifying and managing respondents for consumer insights projects. Yet so often they end up being hard to use. Not so with P2Sample.

Simple interfaces and intuitive flows make it easy to manage the entire project lifecycle, from quotation to field to delivery. On our platform, you can easily enter quotas and project specs, then launch in a single click. With real-time automated alerts and live reporting, you’ll stay on track from start to finish. And should you ever need it, our human experts are available to help via email and online chat.

Build to our API,
Or we’ll build to yours for FREE!

With more than 100 APIs under our belt, we know there is no one-size-fits-all approach to reaping the benefits of automation. For this reason, we aim to make it easy for you. You can build to our straightforward API, or we will build to yours for free. Yes, free.

Our platform works with any data collection system, too. Whether you are working with one of the industry’s traditional providers, one of the newer online or DIY products, or using your own custom data collection system, our platform is both compatible and easily integrated.

Getting automation right is hard. We commit our resources freely because we know that we can’t be successful if you aren’t. You’ll benefit from our experience across a range of technological and operational factors, including:

  • Mapping data fields across systems and maintaining them over time
  • Designing and redesigning production workflows
  • Designing and redesigning data storage, retrieval, and validation
  • Process optimization using variety of operational and technical metrics
  • Transmitting implications with researchers, scripters, coders and analysts

Ready to get started?

Companies that embrace automation are enjoying faster execution, lower operating costs, and reduced error rates. The road to adoption is challenging. But with P2Sample, you’ll have the experience to help you succeed and reap the benefits of automation.

Schedule a free programmatic consultation with our team today.