The New Reality of Online Sample

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The new reality of sample has significant consequences for how sample suppliers operate. Its real-time digital nature and existence in the broader advertising ecosystem has led to considerable innovation and improvement in every aspect of the process, from recruitment to targeting to the respondent experience.

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  • Understand why invite-driven research panels are effectively dead, and how recruitment in the broader digital ecosystem has changed everything about fraud mitigation and respondent engagement—and how to keep up
  • Learn why suppliers don’t want to hear about frequently-fictional incidence rates and are focusing on the more important metric of conversion rate, and how they are using technology to streamline and improve the experience
  • Discover how programmatic sampling has completely transformed the supplier landscape from self-contained islands into an automated and integrated network, and what that means for adding vendors to projects
  • Peek into what’s coming next for the sample space, such as increasing concerns surrounding privacy, consumer data protection and usage, and expansion into the broader digital ecosystem

AUTHOR: Jonathan Deitch, PhD

Jonathan Deitch comes to P2Sample with executive experience at growth-stage insights startups Bakamo Social and Ask Your Target Market. Prior to that, he was global head of sampling for Ipsos, where he led the modernization of Ipsos’ panel recruitment and sampling practices, improving quality while driving significant margin improvement. As CRO, Deitch will lead the Sales, Marketing, and Operations functions and help to define P2Sample’s product strategy to continue the company’s rapid growth.